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    ❌ HRT treatments increase the risk of cancer
    ❌ Negative side effects
    ❌ Not natural, uses chemical substances
    ❌ Unproven efficacy

  • Nuwa

    ✅ 100% natural, no health risks
    ✅ Clinically proven
    ✅ Effective, relieves symptoms
    ✅ Made in France

How does it work?

Our products act directly at the source of problem : the loss of sexual hormones.

By stimulating the optimal functioning of the ovaries and promoting the regular production of hormones, especially estrogen, our dietary supplement ensures long-lasting relief from menopausal symptoms and improved fertility without causing any undesirable effects.

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Rigorous research

The perfect blend of East and West

Our formulas have been developed by experts in phytotherapy and validated by clinical studies. Originally designed by experts such as Dr. Ye LU, researcher at the Institute of Botanical Sciences in China, and Dr. Hong MA, professor at Nankin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, our formula is supported by the greatest minds from Western and Eastern traditions.