Les Baies de Goji


Originally from China, the Goji berry is a small red fruit consumed for millennia by certain Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan and Indian peoples for its many benefits. It is therefore mainly cultivated in China, Tibet, Mongolia and the Himalayas, but it is also found in Europe and North America.


The Goji, called "Wolfberry" in English, grows on a small shrub with stiff and very thorny branches. Measuring from 1 to 3 meters in height, it is composed of deciduous leaves, purple flowers, as well as small berries of elongated shape and dark red color. The Goji berry is used in the pharmacopoeia of traditional Chinese medicine under the name "gou qi zi". In herbal medicine, this berry is used which naturally contains polysaccharides.


Goji berry contains many substances like polysaccharides, glycopeptides, vitamin C, carotenoids, amino acids, minerals.1

Eating this fruit allows:

Slow down cellular aging1

The polysaccharides contained in the Goji play a true role of antioxidant. This fruit therefore makes it possible to slow down aging by fighting against the effects of free radicals present in the body. This is why it is called the “fruit of longevity”.

Strengthen the immune system1

The combination of glycopeptides and polysaccharides present in the Goji berry helps stimulate and strengthen the immune system. The body is then able to defend itself more against certain ailments.

Help lower bad cholesterol1

Goji also helps reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood while increasing good cholesterol levels.